Inspired by Ray Dalio, this is an always up-to-date list of the principles that I try my best to live by. Items are added slowly and only after much consideration.

Presented in the form of directives, roughly in descending order of conviction:


  • Treat health as your #1 priority
  • Sleep enough
  • Eat nothing that wasn’t around a thousand years ago
  • Walk a lot, preferably in sunlight
  • Breathe through your nose
  • Lift heavy
  • Sprint occasionally
  • Take cold showers and baths


  • Play long term games to take advantage of compounding
  • Diversify


  • Stay present
  • Lead by example
  • Don’t lie
  • Take extreme ownership
  • Keep a white belt mentality / beginner’s mind


Machine Learning


  • Define your edge
  • Trust the process
  • Aim left

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