Luigi Patruno: ML in Production

Luigi discusses best practices for putting ML into production, how to make sure your data science efforts are actually adding business value, and what the future of building software might be ("Code 2.0").

Guest Bio

Luigi is the director of data science at 2U, where he leads a team in developing ML models and infrastructure to predict student success outcomes. He's also the founder of ML in Production, a blog and newsletter that helps readers build, deploy, and run ML systems.

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Show Notes

02:45 Luigi Patruno

04:50 How can ML teams be more rigorous in their engineering practices?

10:25 Best practices for monitoring and logging ML systems

18:00 Adding business value with data science

37:10 Most valuable types of tools for ML in production

43:15 What an ideal data pipeline setup looks like

47:50 Unbundling the "Data Scientist" role

50:35 The future of building software: "Code 2.0"

59:45 Most valuable skills for the future

01:10:15 Learnings from writing his blog "ML in Production"

01:15:00 Rapid fire questions